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M E E T  T H E  T E A M

C A S P A R  C H I T T E N D E N

Caspar’s passion for sport began on the rugby pitch aged 10. He later started swimming and competed at county level until the age of 18. In 2009 Caspar was introduced to CrossFit. “Having left school I no longer had the support of coaches nor a structured program.  The hourly sessions I attended in the early days of my strength and conditioning journey filled a big gap and opened up a new path for athletic development that I’m still exploring today.” 


Caspar’s passion for helping others improve their lives through fitness has led him to become a coach and later co-found 3 Aces. “I believe that physical health makes up a large part of the foundation for general wellbeing; helping people develop this foundation is a huge privilege and gives me great satisfaction.”

R I C H A R D  B R O C K H U R S T

Before becoming a CrossFit coach, Richard played professional golf for eight years, coaching other tour professionals alongside his own practice.“I was coaching golf and started to spend more time in the gym than on the range,” he says. “It was only a matter of time before the switch happened permanently. I was introduced to CrossFit by my brother Mark and haven’t looked back since.”

Richard specialises in movement, technique, and application; he aims to make his training smart, hard, and fun. “I love helping people get better, educating them and making them realise their potential” he says, “…all for that look of achievement on their face after.”

M A R K  B R O C K H U R S T

Mark Brockhurst grew up participating in nearly every sports club he had access to growing up. He found a love for golf played for Middlesex County and on the amateur circuit in England until he was offered a college scholarship to play golf in America in 2005.


“It was there that I fell in love with strength and conditioning,” he says. “The golf team worked with a trainer, and pretty much since then I have been fascinated by what the human body can achieve and the best ways to achieve it.”

While studying for his diploma in personal training, a friend told him about a new training philosophy that he discovered in the Army – CrossFit. “We did a few workouts together, and I think it was the combination of being so bad at it as well as not understanding why it was so hard that got me hooked,” he says.

G R E G  M A J O R

Greg started his coaching career as a specialist sports coach working in Primary schools and with county level football teams. 

He continues coaching today as he says “to dispel the myth that injury and or pain are an acceptable part of life”. 

He has 15 years coaching experience working with kids, athletes, logging more than 8000 hours of one on one and group coaching.  He has an insatiable appetite for learning and sharing this knowledge. 

B E K K I  H O W D E N

Bekki spent much of her working life in the corporate world and discovered weight training as a means to provide balance and focus.

Everything changed when she was introduced to 3 Aces in 2016 by a friend and discovered a new path. Inspired by the coaches and community, Bekki left her career to become a personal trainer. The next natural step was to study for her CrossFit Level One, which then gave her the opportunity to join the 3 Aces coaching team and share her passion with the community.

M E H M E D  F I K R E T O V

Mehmed started weightlifting in 1998 when he was just 12 years old. “I had been athletic and strong since I was young due to the fact that my father was also a weightlifter,” he says. “I had a strong base, so was able to progress quickly in this sport.”

Mehmed is a passionate athlete with a host of impressive titles to his name, including two bronze medals at the European Senior Championships (2005, 2008), 6th at the World Senior Championships, Junior European Champion in 2003, and two silver medals on the clean and jerk at the World Junior Championships (2004 and 2005).“When I emigrated to London, I was training twice a day whilst also working 10 hours a day as a labour worker. I therefore really believe that there is always time to train as long as you want it to happen.”

B E N  B R E W E R

Ben has always been passionate about sport and discovered Crossfit in 2015 whilst looking for more exciting training methods.
After volunteering at the Crossfit European Regionals in 2016, he took the leap and obtained his Crossfit Level 1 certificate.
Ben particularly enjoys being actively involved in the development and improvement of other athletes. “I coach because I love to help people get better. Whether that’s with a specific lift or general training or with a target they’ve set themselves, I’m here to support them in any way I can”.  Specialising in Olympic weightlifting, he is currently focused on obtaining his level 2 BWL certificate.

C O N S T A N Z A   R U F F

Constanza has always been involved in sports, from Marathon running to gymnastics, landing later in life in circus and yoga. She trained with the Yoga People and David Kyle in Ashtanga and Rocket, both dynamic yet wholesome practices. She teaches Dynamic yoga, so classes may be on the challenging side, but they are always fun and welcoming for all levels.  


Dynamic Yoga as a style, draws on multiple yoga lineages including Ashtanga, Rocket, Dharma, and others. It's characterised by a sequence that flows from one pose to the other marrying breathe, postures, balances and movement. Not one class is the same but they all aim to challenge and open the body, aid progression and allow you to leave feeling lighter, energised and focus.