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3 Aces Member Focus - Priscilla Lam

- How long have you been training at 3 Aces?

I’ve been training since 2016.

- What do you like most about 3 Aces?

The coaches here are knowledgeable and so encouraging. You’re surrounded by others of different fitness levels but it only pushes you to become your best self. I also love the atmosphere here and to know that I’m surrounded with like-minded people! It’s definitely motivating even if you initially dread coming or feeling lazy. Positive vibes all the way!

- What has been your biggest achievement since joining?

Becoming fitter and stronger overall and this has really helped me outside the box! I play tennis so my cardiovascular fitness has definitely improved since 3 Aces.

I also remember when I first joined and benching 7.5kg DB was a real struggle. Another big achievement was getting my first chin up and pull up!

- What goals are you working towards?

Improving gymnastic movements, I’d love to be able to do hand stand push-up and TTB. It’s a slow progress but hopefully I’ll get there. I’ve never been the person who was good at gymnastic when I was in school but gradually getting the confidence whilst being exposed to it here. I’d also want to hit PBs in my lifts and linking my pull ups!

- Who is your biggest inspiration?

I’m constantly inspired by people around me. It’s people who are humble, courageous and brings positivity. I find this a lot in 3 Aces when people are continuously pushing their boundaries.

Celebrity wise... I have huge respect for Ellen Degeneres. It’s her mantra and she inspires people to act on their instincts and make the world a better place.

- What piece of advice would you give to someone starting on his or her fitness journey?

Just do it! Embarking a new fitness journey can be daunting but just go for it.  There’s never a right time

but take it a step at a time. Sometimes the process can be frustrating, but you can always look back and be reminded how far you’ve come. Just appreciate the little achievements you make, even as little as turning up to the gym and just have fun with it!

- Tell us something that we might not know about you?

I used to be part of a Chinese dancing group and performed in Lewisham theater during Chinese New Year. I’m currently learning to play the piano. I’m not naturally musically talented but I’m loving the process!

- Describe 3 ACES in three words:

Strong, Empowering, Community