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3 Aces Member Focus - Omari Edwards.

Omari Edwards

-How long have you been training at 3 Aces?

14 months. I did my first session Jan 22nd 2018 and haven’t looked back since!

-What do you like most about 3 Aces?

How much time you got? Haha. The coaches, the atmosphere, the people - it’s all so supportive, it's all so encouraging, you find yourself missing it when you’re not there and looking forward to the sessions. My absolute favourite thing about 3 Aces though is the balance & variety in the training, you build your strength just as much as your fitness and no two workouts are the same, you are constantly pushing yourself! I can’t imagine life now without the 3 Aces style of training programming!

-What has been your biggest achievement since joining?

Understanding. Better understanding of my capabilities. Better understanding of my body and how it works. Better understanding of what drives me and my ambitions.

Then after that I’d say consistency. This has been the first time I’ve been able to sustain a form of training for this long and that’s because I’ve found something in 3 Aces that I truly enjoy, which for me is key.

Lastly it’s momentum! I can’t describe the ‘feel good’ factor I get after a morning 3 Aces session & I see this carry over into the office where I am then focused and executing, I see this carry over into my Sunday football team where my gains in fitness and strength have boosted my performance, allowing me to make better contributions to the team, & I see this carry over in my life in general where I’m able to better get after my goals because I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to (and I can use my progress in training as an example proof point)!

-What goals are you working towards?

My goals are infinite and limitless, I’m in this for the journey rather than to get to a destination. What does that journey look like? A guy putting in the work so that he can feel good, look good (gaaaaaains), move well, be pain free, build muscle (did I say gains?), boost fitness, and learn as many techniques as possible offered by this beautiful art form!

-Who is your biggest inspiration?

Everyone. Everything. I follow a lot of athletes and admire their discipline to their craft, I get inspiration from my family & from my friends & coaches but most importantly I’m learning to look to myself as my biggest inspiration. Comparison can be the thief of joy and sometimes if I pay tooo much attention to others I can start to lose grasp of all the great progress I have made and am making myself. My coach Mark reminds me everyone has different circumstances/ lifestyles/ stressors so I’m focusing on walking my own unique path and trusting the process and I’m happy with that!

-What piece of advice would you give to someone starting on his or her fitness journey?

Take it day by day, you’re human after all! Just try to enjoy the vibe and the challenge and the fact that you are taking this amazing, positive step to better yourself (because when you look back on it, it will be that decision that’s the most significant moment).  

-Tell us something that we might not know about you?

I'm super shy. Like seriously.

-Describe 3 ACES in three words:

Invest In You!