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  • Caspar_3Aces

3 Aces Member Focus - Curro Pérez Alcántara

How long have you been training at 3 Aces?

I have been training at 3 Aces for over three years, almost since it opened and can’t wait to celebrate their 4th anniversary.

What do you like most about 3 Aces?

It is difficult to pick one thing that I like most at 3 Aces. I think it is a combination of the coaching, the programming and the people that I train with that makes it a very special and important part of my life.

What has been your biggest achievement since joining?

My biggest achievement is yet to come! But probably the thing I feel most proud of is being able to do ring muscle ups and bar muscle ups. Mostly when I remember that I long time ago I was afraid of being up on the rig as I am afraid of heights.

What goals are you working towards?

I have learnt from the team of coaches to be patient with my goals, knowing that hard work will pay off. My long term goal, hopefully I will achieve it before the end of the year is, 100 k Clean & Jerk and 70k snatch.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is not any CrossFit athlete, I am pushed by the people I train with or I have twined with. They are the ones that inspire me to be better, somehow it feels like I want them to be proud of me and I want to pay back for their support.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting on his or her fitness journey?

The best piece of advice that I have learned from the coaches at 3 Aces is to be patient and to listen to your body. Fitness it is not a 50m race it is more like a marathon, no matter what your goal is. One day something will click and you will be able to do what you were not able to do before and there is no secret to it, just hard work.

Tell us something that we might not know about you?

It is difficult not to know something about me, I am quite loud!

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