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3 Aces Member Focus - Ben Lee

How long have you been training at 3 Aces?

I joined 3A’s in March of this year, it was only meant to be a tester to see if I liked CrossFit, a few days in and I was hooked!

What do you like most about 3 Aces?

There is plenty of things to like about 3A’s, Firstly the coaches, they are great and offer a realty wide variety of skills and each brings so much to the table, they are really helpful, knowledgeable and attentive which is great when you're trying to push your skill level. Secondly, there is the other 3A’s members, the ones who you sweat alongside! Each and every one of them is super friendly and welcoming and will make sure to push you as hard as you can go in every workout. Next is the Programming, for me when trying to take on my base level strength and apply it to cross fit, the programming really works well to develop my skill level and get me to that next stage in my athletic development. And finally the community, it sounds cliché, but the atmosphere in and around the gym is something that makes me want to come back day after day, this was furthered by the epic trips that are organized as well! The list can go on and on!!

What has been your biggest achievement since joining?

I think so far it’s the single strict muscle-up… that was the 2019 New year’s resolution so glad I managed to get one in November… it counts

What goals are you working towards?

I think the next step would be to start entering some team events, I love the idea of competing and doing it alongside some of the 3A’s crew would be amazing!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

You mean apart from Omari Edwards (Aka the Hype Man)?....I would have to say I look up to a lot of the coaches, they have a really impressive thirst for knowledge and always finding weird and wonderful ways to get better at training which is class! From a professional standpoint, I’m a big fan of Royce Dunn, he is a beast, as well as James Newbury.. they are both doing it for the tall lads!

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting on his or her fitness journey?

Absolutely do it, from the outside it can seem intimidating and scary when you see big guys/girls lifting weights but it is the complete opposite to this, take on a few classes and I bet you enjoy it! Take the leap!

Tell us something that we might not know about you?

I’ve actually performed at the O2 on stage with Take that… my mum was very proud, she cried the whole way through

Describe 3 ACES in three words:

Enjoyably Hard Graft


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