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3 Aces - Christmas Survival Guide

With the festive season ramping up into full swing even the most committed gym goer may find themselves becoming uncharacteristically inconsistent with both their nutrition and training routine.

So how do you go about enjoying the Christmas holidays without burying yourself with regret from all those mince pies and adult beverages?

Here is our Christmas Survival Guide we put together to help you get through the Christmas holidays ready to pick up where you left off and starting the New Year STRONG.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Lets be honest, water is not top of the list for yuletide beverages however we should be looking to consume between 2.5 and 3L of water per day (depending on your bodyweight). It’s easy to become dehydrated at this time of year with rich food and cold weather. So remind yourself to get the H2O in! Start the day with a pint of water and go from there.

2. Drink consciously.

It’s Christmas; enjoy yourself!! But do be aware of the negative effects excessive alcohol consumption has on your sleep that will directly affect your recovery. We suggest you reach for drinks that are low in sugars. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your last alcoholic drink is 2 hours prior to going to sleep.

3. Maintain your regular sleep pattern.

The body performs best when routines are maintained. Keeping your sleep patterns consistent will help keep your digestive system functioning properly.

4. Move blood.

If you can find time to get into a gym over the Christmas holidays that’s great! Even if you’re not able to follow your regular training program, just getting in a good 40 plus minutes of steady heart rate work will do wonders for your mood, and your body will thank you for it. No gym? No worries! Long walks are great alternatives for this and mean the sofa sessions in front of the TV have been earned.

5. Rest.

The Christmas holidays are a great time to reflect on the year that has passed, spend time with friends and family, and relax. Use this time to de-load from work life stresses and training volume and intensity. It’s ok to rest and not give yourself a hard time about it. Progress is still there after Christmas; the trick is not to slip too far away from the balance that has yielded results.


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