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O U R  S T O R Y

3 Aces was founded by Caspar Chittenden and brothers Richard and Mark Brockhurst back in 2015 with a vision to create the ultimate training environment. 


3 Aces was founded with a belief that training plays an integral part in our wellbeing. This training should have direction and purpose, delivered through well-considered training programmes, and a dedication to “the journey” that is nurtured and supported by professional coaches.


Our hour-long coached classes cater to the beginner all the way through to the seasoned athlete, as the movements and exercises can be scaled up or down to suit any level of participant.  Our sessions focus on developing and improving how an individual moves and approaches task based workouts.  We help our members build a foundation of strength, aerobic capacity, and muscle endurance along with skill development that will apply to any challenge that life throws at them. In an age of ‘more is better’ and the constant pursuit for ‘intensity’, we strive to educate our members on training principals that will build them up, not break them down.  Our proven training programmes lead to progressive results that will make a positive impact on life outside of the gym.


A T T I T U D E – C O M M I T M E N T – E V O L U T I O N – S U C C E S S